Shopping and Taking Care of Cultured Pearl Earrings

Cultured pearl earrings are usually small but eye-catching and very expensive. If you want to be sure that you’re getting the worth of your money, follow these helpful tips about buying and taking good care of your jewelry investment.

Shopping for Cultured Pearl Earrings
There are a lot of things to consider when sourcing pearl earrings for cultured pearl earrings online and from your usual commercial or specialty store:

  • Online Auctions – One may find a great bargain online when looking for cultured pearl earrings. The price tags you will see online are usually low to attract and gain share of the market. Make sure that you check whether the online retailer issues a proof of the quality of the pearls that they’re selling. This proof may come in the form of a certificate of authenticity similar to the one issued to buyers of gold or diamond jewelry.
  • Jewelry Websites – You can find good prices for pearl earrings from online shops. Just inquire about their method of delivery so you can make sure that the cultured pearl earrings will get to your doorstep in great condition.
  • Jewelry Stores – Brick-and-mortar stores offering cultured pearl earrings have vast and great selections of pearls to offer. One major shopping concern though is usually the price, which tends to be higher than in e-commerce stores.
  • Wholesalers – Jewelry wholesales may occur a few times in a year but shopping for pearl earrings from a wholesale seller is worth the wait and patience. Take advantage of the low rates but be very careful and look for high-quality pearls.

When buying cultured pearl earrings you may want to consider whether you want freshwater pearls or salt water pearls. You may also want to inquire where the pearls came from and what the credentials of the jewelry makers are. Check for imperfections of the pearl by examining its surface for luster, nacre, bumps, shape, reflections, and cracks. If all is well, nothing beats the feeling of getting a discounted price for pearl earrings.

Keeping Cultured Pearl Earrings
Given that cultured pearls are very small, it will be wise to place them in your jewelry case or its container after use.

Cultured pearls are also best to be worn last when dressing up. Pearls easily absorb chemicals from perfumes or cosmetics and may affect its quality. Pearls also react to sweat and oil on our skin.

Pearls can be cleaned using mild soap and water. Just make sure that you dry them well before storing. From time to time, you can also use jewelry cleaners which are specially manufactured for pearls. Use them with soft fabric or cloth damped with water. Avoid vigorous rubbing or brushing of the pearls since they are very sensitive and may get scratched or worse, get chipped off.